About ENFI

In India in the year 1950, an American missionary, Ms. Rebecca( Becky) Glanzer started a Fellowship for nurses at Pune, Maharashtra. At that time, Ms. Lily Bonner, a nurse, was working in Delhi. In the year 1958,Ms Lily felt the Lord’s call to serve Him full time. Influenced by her sister Winnie, a Youth for Christ worker, she took a Bible training at UBS, then joined Ms Becky Glanzer in the nurses’ Fellowship and worked together for one and half years. In the midst of much planning to expand the ministry in Maharashtra and the whole of India, the Lord took Ms Becky Glanzer to glory in 1963

ENFI is thus a movement born in 1964, with the firm belief that spiritual health care is an integral part of comprehensive nursing as man is essentially a biological, psycho-social and spiritual being

At this juncture, Mr. P.T. Chandapilla who was then General Secretary of UESI, and a nurse himself, with his expertise, planned a Consultative Conference in Chennai in Nov. 1964. Several nurses from national and overseas came together and worked among the nurses in their areas and hospitals. They felt the need of bringing their work united under the banner :

‘The Evangelical Nurses Fellowship of India, ENFI, based on Psalms: 60; 4 “Thou hast given a banner to them that fear Thee, that it may be displayed because of the truth”

God sent full time workers for ENFI work like Ms. Iris Cornish, Ms. Margret Hall, Ms. Mariamma Chacko, Ms. Mary Leu, Mrs. Dora Abraham, Ms. K. Koshy, Ms. Ann Frazer, S. Chellamma Onnie and Ms. Jessie Allen. The work spread throughout the nation. In July 1968 at the Annual Conference at Lucknow, an Executive Committee was formed with Mrs. J .R .Lance at the first ENFI President and Ms. Lily Bonner as the first General Secretary Ms. Lily Bonner continued with ENFI till 1988.

In the year 1984, the ENFI held the NCFI Conference at New Delhi. It was the 20th anniversary celebration of ENFI and 11th NCFI Conference.

Then Ms. Jessie Allen, a Tutor from Bhilai took over as General Secretary and served ENFI till 1995.